Saturday, November 06, 2004

A quick update!

I'm throwing myself into the task of organizing alll my photos from the trip, but it's going to take a bit. Here are a few from my digital camera untill i get some of the better slides scanned in:


With in a wek or two this page should turn into my photography portfilio, but this blog will still exist at a new address.

Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm Baaaaack!

That right folks, i'm back in Canada as i type this. I decided to surprise my Mom for her birthday, which was the 31st of October, so I flew back to Canada on thursday and hid at my borthers place till yesterday. Only one person on the planet knew I was planning it, and that was my dad.

My mom was shocked when I turned up at her party to say the least. The crazy amount of trains and planes was all worth it.

I'm planning to stay untill at least after christmass, but after that I'm thinking of contuning my Europe trip in all new countries.

As for the here and now, I'm off to get a new drivers licence, as I lost the old card last y ear some time. Fun Times!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Breaking News

I have been asked to join a band of band of Swiss Cheese Ninjas. They have offered to pay me at least $10,000 a day to make a model of George W. Bush from Cheese. It should take me only a few days to do so. I hope the italians like it.

(This post is not ment to make sense, sorry)

I did find some old photos of mine while hunting around my old websites:


Monday, October 25, 2004

The names Lambert...Rory lambert...

Sorry for the bad james Bond referance but I made an acidentel homeage to 007 the other day...

Interlaken, Switzerland is home to some fantastic-ely tall Mountains and also sits between two massive lakes. Personaly, I think the Swiis desined this place as some sort of diobolicel tourist trap. It's like they have geneticly modifed an entire town to attract tourists.

On my first full day in the town I visited the Sumitt of the Shillterhorn. Not an easy task really, and a bit confusing.

Step 1. Walk for 15 mins to the town of Wilderswil.

Step 2. Catch train that looks normal, but uses a thired track with cogs in it to get up the really steep sections.

Step 3. Change on to a strange Mountian Vernicler thing that looks like the lovechild of a Ski-Lift and a train. It's so steep that the cabin thing is sideways, and has to be pulled up the side of the rock face with cables.

Step 4. Catch train number two, which takes you to Swiss town in which there are no cars allowed. Even the Fire Department has to walk, with hoses carried on cart thing.

Step 5. Catch Gondala one to small building built on the edge of a cliff.

Step 6. Catch a second Gondala to the top of the Shillhorn, and also home of a revolving resturant.

But not just any resturant, its THE resturant in the Jame Bond movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0064757/

Oh yes, and the next Day I through myself out of a Helicopter. I did a tandem skydive out of a perfectly good aircraft! I think I'm addicted


Till later, w00t!

Friday, October 22, 2004

On the way to Inter-Locken

No, Interlocken is not a Car door look convention, it's a town in Switzerland that has super crazy good views of the Mountains and such.

Cable cars are everywhere, so I must be on my Guard, those things can move fast, and you never know when they are going to strike.

I'm looking for snow, you cant stop me now!

If I'm really lcucky I might get on one of the cool double decker trains.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Switching it up in Switzerland

Just wrote a big long e-mail to my mom and figured the same stuff was going into the log anyway, so partly for the comedy value, but mostley to save time I've just pasted it in.

Side note: I hate having the keys in the wrong place on the keyboard, even though i can't touch type!


Hi Mom!

Sounds like you are keeping things interesting at Joshes new place. I did figure he would have to fianly start cooking for himself once he moved out, but I guess even leaving home has not prevented him from having you make the odd meal or three for him :)

I am currently in Siwtzerland at the momment. Monique and I stayed in Bern last night after a 7 hour train trip from Munich. It was rained most of yesterday, but the city still looked fantisc at night, even through the low clouds. Today we walked around the city and then I climbed the church tower for a better view. Latter we cought a train that runs along the shore of Lake Geneva,^which looks kind of like some of the ocean inlets around Tofino. Monique got off the train at Luacane, and I contuied on to Geneva. We plan to meet up again in a few day in Interlocken, and from there we are not sure.

I might meet up a friend in Veinna, Austria in a few days, as he was a cool guy to hang out with and he was from Bristol, and lives in Clifton! After that I have gotton a hold of Andi Argast and we might possibly be meeting up in Prague at the end of the month.

Speaking of the end of the month, I'm currently searching all of Europe for a Suitable Birthday present for you! It turns out the Monique's dads birthday is also October 31st! Crazy huh?

Can you (or Josh!) please e-mail me Joshes new home address so i can send him postcards and/or small woodland animals?

Well i'm off to find a hostel and practice my non-exeistant french!

-Rory "Par lay voo on France eh?" Lambert


Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday...Might be Munich?

Long time no post I know, sorry but internet time has been scarce over the last few days.

I´m in Lovely Munich at the momment, but I have journed far since my last post. The details will have to wait untill I found a better keyboard, as this one has all the letters in the wrong places and the return key is buggered. Also I´m still shaking of the effects of beverian beer that was "sampled" last night. Monique and I met three crazy Americans from Pennzelvania, and we all decided to go out at 1am last night. As the say in Canada, Good Times!

A quick summery will now be attempted:

Coppenhagen, Denmark (2 days) to Gothenburg Sweeden.

Gothenburg (1 night) to Berlin germany by crazy ferry hopping Night train.

Berlin (3 nights) to Lepzig for the day.

And finaly Berlin to Munich yesterday.

All the bits in between shall fallow as I regain moter skills. Spelling, well thas never going to get better.

Monday, October 11, 2004

A doughnut with out a hole is a...

..Danish. Thats right Ladies and Gents, im in Copenhagen, Capital of Denmark.

After wondering around Hamburg yesterday, we met James on the platform, and the three of us jumped on the 13:22 train to Copenhagen. The train has giant rubber doughnuts attached to either end to prote4ct it during the ferry crossing, as about 273rds of the way to Copenhagen, the train drives right on-to the a boat. The ferry crossing takes about 45 minutes and we were allowed to get of the train and walk around the boat.

Before getting on the boat, Danish customs searched all of James's stuff, most likley searching for illegal bakery products. Lucky for James, none were found.

The boat ride was a lot like taking BC ferries, as the boat was only a little smaller then a Super Ferry, and the design was very mush the same. One thing was evident as the train got of the ferry again: Danish efishentsee. There was NO waiting for the boat to arrive, and only brief on the other side, not only that but everthing here is bang on time! The train arrived with in secends of each stop on the time-table, even the boat crossing took exactley 45 minutes to the second.

Another thing that stands out is all the wind farms. The further we have been getting from Amsterdam, the more giant modern windmills seem to sproute from the landscape. Denmark seems to be trying to out-doo all of 'em. I saw more windmills on that one train ride then I have in the rest of my life.

Copenhagen itself seems nice, but it was already getting dark as we arrived, so all we have really seen has been the hostel, and a lot of (surprise!) Danish people. The danish seem to all speak English, just like the Dutch. The Hostel appears to be a converted wearhouse. The main room has over 100 beds stacked in triple bunks, so it's a bit noisey, as at anyone time some one is either getting up or going to bed. The check in desk has beer taps built right into it though, and the lounge area has a good pool table and lots of places to sit.

The plan for todday is to wander around the city, as the weather is fanttastic, but cold, at the momment. Our tribe has grown to four people today, as we have Aron, a Canadian from Northern Onterio with us. He's been here since wenesday, so he should be able to point us to the good bits.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Haming it up in Hamburg

Well, left Amsterdam yesterday for Hamburg.

We took the newest train I have ever been on, a German ICE train. Experianced my first passport check on a train. German border guards are armed to the teeth.

All Hostels in the city were booked last night, so we had to settle for a "cheap" hotel, owend buy Germen speaking Chineese people, which is a strange thing to see. The only girl who spoke english was holding a huge Cat the same size as T.C.

Had pizza and beer for dinner at what turned out to be a Romainan resturant.

Walked around Hamburg today, very nice city.

We have booked Inter-Rail tickets for Zone C (Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Austria.) We have 16 days to see it all. Tonight we will be in Copenhagen and then on to Gothenberg in a day or two. If all goes according to plan we should be meeting up with James, an english backpacker who is on a mission to go over budget. Good Times.

Germen keyboards have the Z and the Y in the wrong place!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Water every where!

Well Im in Amsterdam at the momment, in fact I've been here excatly 24 hours.

The Journey so far:

Left Penzance Cornwall Tuesday night, at 10pm on the sleeper train to London.

My cabin mate turned out to be the Curator (sp?) of the National Maretime Museam in Foulmouth. Had a strange conversation with him about which gallerys in the UK have the best "space". Woke up during the night just as the Train was passing Exmouth, a town that I (and lot of the lambert clan) have lived, and gone to school in.

Arrived in London (Padington) 7:00am Wednesday, and traveled across London on the tube to London (Waterloo) in order to catch the Eurostar to Brussels, via the Channel Tunnel.

Left Waterloo at 9:00 am and got to ride the new high speed section of the Eurostar line in kent, just before it dives into the tunnel.

Arrived in Brussels at 1:30pm Local time (+1 GMT), and changed on to a Thelys train to Amsterdam at 2:30pm.

The train ride was pretty un-eventfull, but the view is amazing. Holland makes Southern England look like the Canadian Rockies. Plenty of new windfarms along the route, as well as the traditional "Windmills".

Arrived in Amsterdam at 5:40 PM and Checked into the Hostel. Went out for dinner and wondered around the City with Monique, some people she has already mett while traveling, and our room mate, who is from Brazil.

Today Anna, the Briazilan and I went shopping and Sightseeing around the city, as the others stayed in bed most of the day.

Sorry to skimp on the details, but 'net time costs an arm and a leg and a few extra toes over here.